A method for real-time monitoring of the amount of glue on dry glue

We know that for the water-based glue dry compound, the net roller of the rubber roller should be shallow and the opening should be large in order to obtain a good glue transfer rate, and in the compounding, it is also necessary to prevent the jam of the net pit from affecting the amount of glue. The change in the amount of glue (usually a gradual reduction) not only directly affects the peel strength of the composite film, but also causes the aluminum-plated composite product to have a significant white point, resulting in large and small "matches" in products such as OPP/CPP transparent structures. ”, affect the appearance of the product quality, and even cause the loss of waste. Therefore, under certain operating conditions, whether the amount of sizing has become stable has become our focus.

However, the conventional coating method, weighing method, and the like, which measure the amount of sizing, have disadvantages of inconvenient sampling operations or incapability of actual monitoring, and need improvement in methods. We know that the volatilization rate of deionized water in water-based glue is much lower than that of solvent (ethyl acetate) in solvent-based glue. The concentration and weight loss of glue due to moisture evaporation in water-based glue can be reduced in a relatively short time. Neglected, at the same time, high-speed composite machines have the function of accurately counting meters.

In the normal water-based glue dry production, consider the amount of glue in the plastic disc and the amount of glue in the recirculating drum as a whole. As long as the liquid level in the dry complex plastic disc is constant, the circulation amount of the diaphragm pump is stable and consistent. If the speed is constant, then the amount of glue in the glue tray will remain balanced. When the circulation barrel is placed on the electronic scale for weighing in real time, the amount of glue in the circulation barrel is the consumption of compound wet glue in a certain period of time.

Assuming that the glue width X (mm), the water-based glue solid content of 45%, the production of rice in a certain period of time is L, and the glue consumption in the barrel is Y (kg), the amount of glue Z (g/m2 )for:


The above method for measuring the amount of glue has good accuracy, and has the characteristics of real-time monitoring. Through the weighing calculation of the continuous consumption of glue in each period, we can accurately know the changes in the amount of glue, which is controlled by us. The amount of glue on the stable product quality is very helpful.

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