Haitian launches HTD all-electric injection molding machine

Normal > “Strong sea and sky, mainly reflected in strong competitiveness of leading products and strong control over product sales”, China Haitian Group Co., Ltd. launched HTD all-electric injection molding machine at the “China Haitian New Product Launch Conference” successfully held in Ningbo . The new product, the HTFW1/J5 servo energy-saving injection molding machine, has attracted a lot of attention both inside and outside the industry.

Normal > HTD all-electric injection molding machine is a new type of special injection molding machine that is urgently needed in the domestic high-end plastic processing field and has a promising market prospect, high performance, high added value, and replaces imported.

Normal > HTD all-electric injection molding machine, HTFW1/J5 servo energy-saving injection molding machine can fully meet the needs of the domestic high-end manufacturing of injection molding machines, a wide range of applications, the market has great potential. Haitian HTFW1/J5 servo energy-saving injection molding machine series adopts the HTFW as the design platform, which continues the excellent performance of the HTFW series and is equipped with a high-performance servo variable speed power control system to make different pressure flows during the injection molding machine molding process. The corresponding frequency output, and accurate closed-loop control of the pressure flow, realize the best matching and automatic adjustment of the energy demand of the servo motor to the injection molding machine. The HTFW1/J5 can save 40% to 80% of power , and its incredible energy-saving effect gives users more profit.

Normal > HTD series all-electric injection molding machine has the characteristics of fast, precise, stable, low noise, energy saving, clean and environmental protection, and is another major upgrade of Haitian injection molding machine technology. HTD all-electric injection molding machine adopts servo motor as the power source. The ball screw and timing belt, etc., have a simple and highly efficient transmission mechanism, and its repeat accuracy error can be less than 0.01% . Putting these products on the market not only will enable Haitian's injection molding machine products to achieve a leapfrog upgrade, but also will play a significant role in promoting domestic product upgrades in the low-end injection molding machine market.

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