Nanjing Fujitsu Launches FL2100 High Speed ​​Laser Printer

Recently, Nanjing Fujitsu Computer Equipment Co., Ltd., which specializes in printer production and research and development, has continued to improve and innovate on the basis of the original printer products, and has newly launched the Nanjing Fujitsu FL 2100 high-speed laser printer. This printer not only inherited the excellent performance and quality of Fujitsu's past printer products, but also paid more attention to the use of the product and subsequent maintenance costs.

Nanjing Fujitsu FL2100 high-speed laser printer is compact, compact and compact. This product has been improved in technical performance, its resolution is as high as 1200dpi×1200dpi, high-resolution technical improvements can bring more excellent printing results for users. It is worth mentioning that the price of Nanjing Fujitsu FL2100 will be very competitive compared with similar black and white laser machines on the market, which will bring benefits to users and save users' one-time purchase costs. The drum life of the FL2100 high-speed laser printer can reach 10,000 pages (random 2000 pages), which saves users the cost of maintenance and consumables costs during use.

Source: Printed Today

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