Overlay paper feeding mechanism with two strokes

The paper feeding mechanism with a cover having two strokes includes a driving shaft, an eccentric sleeve, a connecting rod 1, a rocker shaft, a rocker, a connecting rod 2, a slider and a guide rail. The eccentric sleeve is provided with two large and small, the large eccentric sleeve is sleeved on the small eccentric sleeve, and the two are fixed with the keys; the two ends of the key are embedded in the keyways of the large eccentric sleeve, and the middle part of the key is embedded in the small eccentric sleeve. In the keyway, large and small strokes can be conveniently converted by rotating the large eccentric sleeve 180 degrees relative to the small eccentric sleeve.

The Marching Cymbals are devided into Professional Marching Cymbal and practice marching cymbals. The professional marching cymbal has the features of beautiful tone and crisp pronunciation. The Handmade Marching Cymbal is used for orchestra and military band accompaniment. They are 100% hand made and the quality is very good. Marching Cymbals are sold very well. There are different sizes of Marching Cymbals.

marching cymbals

Marching Cymbals

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