Humanistic design concept in the use of commodity packaging

Abstract: The world today is in a golden period of economic development. The ever-increasing wealth has greatly reduced the old concept of diligence and thrift. As life becomes more comfortable, people have more and more time, the focus of value shifts to the desire for peace and security, and other aspects that accompany it. As far as the world is concerned, modern people are no longer generally satisfied with food and clothing or simply using daily necessities. People need a rich and colorful life: rich goods, rich entertainment, rich technology, rich TV programs, and rich food. At the same time, it also needs elegant taste. And these products that meet the social needs and emotional needs of various groups of people need to be designed and designed by designers. In the rapidly developing commercial society, human relations and the indifference of human-machine relations require humanized design. Simply speaking, the humanized design is to rise from the single satisfaction of the function to the human spirit level. Give more emotional, cultural and aesthetic connotations in the design. To establish a wonderful realm of harmony between people and things, people and the environment. It includes humanized design, personalized design, human culture design, green design and other content.

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1Humanized design concept is the trend of social environment

When people revel in the technological achievements brought about by the industrial revolution for the packaging industry, environmental pollution has quietly entered us. People are beginning to realize the pollution caused by various packaging wastes to the atmosphere, water, and soil. In this situation, the concept of protecting the ecological environment and advocating green packaging design began to spread. The designers are committed to the harmonious unity of people and the natural environment, and pay attention to humanized design and environmental awareness. The selection of raw materials from the selection of raw materials, manufacturing, and then to the use of the product, recycling, each link must be closely linked to the source, efficient and harmless. The development, development and selection of green packaging materials is the first step towards green packaging. Paper, wood, bamboo, hemp and other natural materials, light and elegant color, with natural material beauty. Using them as packaging materials can give packaging works vitality and bring people closer to nature. For example, the Japanese traditional rice wine packaging design has a designer's originality and fully considers people's natural and counter-attack feelings. They are wrapped in natural hemp fabric outside the pottery, and then tied with straw ropes. This will not only achieve good visual effects, but also reflect the cultural connotation of green packaging design. The fresh and simple style of the work can better convey the product's 100-year history, long-standing characteristics and humanized design concepts.

2 humanized design concept is the need of the development of the times

As modern design is produced under the premise of modern industrial production, it is bound to be marked by the modern industry and technology. The packaging design is influenced and restricted by the conditions of modern equipment and materials, processing techniques and so on. At the same time, the high-speed circulation of information, people's aesthetic trends have also evolved and changed. In China's packaging industry, hard and bright materials were used as high-level products, and bright colors were used as fashion, and imitation of foreign brands and processing methods was fashionable. But later, it was found that those industries that are too strong in terms of industry lack some softness and affection, or are far away from people's lives. Under the highly-informed environment of industrial information, people have come back to pursue concepts such as sticking to nature and returning to nature. Nowadays, the establishment of packaging design status enables the return of design value. No matter how changes and developments take place, the use of self-characteristics in packaging design, maintaining “personality” and grasping “human nature” are basic and eternal themes. The full expression of design personality can demonstrate the designer's cognitive origin and promote the development of packaging design creativity. The grasp of “humanization” can fully realize its basic functions, fully satisfy people's various needs, and adapt to the needs of the development of the times.

3 Use of human nature concept for product packaging design

The idea of ​​humanized packaging design includes the idea of ​​valuing people and respecting people, emphasizing respect for people as the basis for business activities, and putting people first. Packaging design must not only satisfy the material requirements of consumers, but also focus on the ideological and spiritual requirements of the people behind material treatment. Its specific approach is:

I) Design must understand the consumer's needs for product packaging, according to the characteristics of the needs of consumers, continue to carry out commodity packaging innovation, development, design of product packaging that meets consumer needs, to correctly use commodity packaging strategies to meet consumer packaging demand;

2) Product packaging should protect the personal safety of goods and consumers. In the commodity packaging should be marked on the safety of the item is related to the goods, there must be eye-catching safety warnings and instructions for use;

3) Pay attention to the suitability and reliability of commodity packaging. The packaging should protect the packaged goods from external environmental factors and be designed to facilitate handling, storage, opening, use, and maintenance. The size and size of product packaging should be suitable for consumers' average consumption rate of goods. In particular, it should be ensured that the contents of the packaging can be consumed normally during the shelf life of the goods to avoid waste.

4) According to the psychological point of view, different shapes of objects can make people have different psychological feelings. For example, squares have a sense of dignity, different rectangles or a sense of luxury, or a sense of lightness or a sense of stability. Unreasonable shapes can give people dullness, sense of crisis, etc. When a customer purchases a product, the first thing that catches the eye is shape. Therefore, the package shape must meet the general psychological requirements, to adapt to the common aesthetic sense of certain target consumer groups [2].

5) With the improvement of living standards, people's consumption concepts gradually change. Consumers need not only to obtain material enjoyment but also to obtain a spiritual satisfaction and emotional consumption. Therefore, the packaging design must constantly seek new changes. With novel and unique design, it attracts consumers' attention and satisfies modern people's pursuit of a relaxed and enjoyable consumer psychology. For example, in fruit packaging, consumers are given new features such as fresh eating and less quantity. Some distributors package different types of fruit with different colors. Round green apples, crescent-shaped yellow bananas, purple grapes, orange kumquats, etc., are placed in a transparent box. The colorful and varied seasonal fruits on the supermarket shelves are pleasing to the eye and can attract people's attention. Consumers are willing to accept such multi-flavored, multi-variety packs.

6) In recent years, POP packaging has become increasingly popular among consumers. Its rich and varied appearance, strong three-dimensional, with excellent three-dimensional effect, can play a self-advocacy role. POP packaging has changed the rigid, monotonous display style of past carton packaging. In some children's products packaging, designers use the imagination to make a big issue on the lid. The use of cartoon image design. Through folding, lid erected. The decorative effect is lively and lively. It is full of interest and attraction for children. In the design process, designers combine the knowledge, interest and decoration organically so that children can increase their knowledge and cultivate their sentiments in the purchase of goods.

Author / Chen Daqiang Packaging World-2005 6

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