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Flexo printing, a favored darling in Europe and the United States, has undergone an uproar in transplanting to China. Is it fate or fate? Or is it experiencing growing troubles? The answer is emerging, the time flies, when time fades Its appearance is haze, flexo printing has ushered in the sunny days of development in China.

(A) Understanding Rationality from the extreme return

Mr. Chen Jijun, general manager of United Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. of the United States, said: “Compared with previous years, the domestic awareness of flexographic printing has improved somewhat, but we need to further enhance understanding. In general, the domestic soft, flexible version The understanding of printing is still limited, understanding is not deep enough, of course, there are some misunderstandings. Compared with offset printing, gravure printing and embossing, the domestic level of understanding of flexographic printing is not as profound as these three printing methods."

1. Environmental protection

Mr. Chen Jijun believes that flexographic printing is an environmentally friendly printing force. Some companies may say that although flexographic printing is an environmentally friendly printing method, China does not have strict laws and regulations that must adopt environmentally friendly printing methods. Therefore, some companies do not have much enthusiasm for flexographic printing. Today, this situation is undergoing subtle changes.

Now, more and more end-users have begun to pay attention to the environmental protection and hygiene of packaging, especially food and pharmaceutical packaging. For example, a packaging company in Tianjin gave up on the requirements of Guangming Dairy and gave up gravure printing for many years, turning to flexo printing.

2. Long live

Mr. Chen Jijun believes that long-lived work is not confined to a large number of print jobs. A batch of live, if printed every day for tens of minutes, change the print and then print other jobs, but the long-term printing of these live, cumulative down is also a considerable amount of long-lived live, which just took advantage of the advantages of flexographic printing - job Faster replacement, of course, this kind of live is also a long version of the live.

Mr. Lin Fengming, the Secretary-General of the Professional Committee of Printing Technology of the China Printing Technology Association, believes that batch-loaded jobs are suitable for flexographic printing. In China, short-run is not suitable for flexographic printing.

3. Image fineness

Mr. Chen Jijun thinks. The packaging of the 10 countries is about fine print and rich levels, and some people have tasted that the flexographic printing is not subtle. Indeed, the level of detail in flexographic printing is inferior to that of offset printing. However, domestic packaging actually enters misunderstandings and makes packaging a work of art. On the other hand, foreign packaging uses some visual, strong color blocks and lines to design packaging. If you take soft, S, raw printing fine point of printing and offset printing. Undoubtedly, the shortcomings of flexographic printing are compared with the advantages of offset printing.

European and American packaging and labels often use lines, fields, and text to represent products. Chinese packaging likes to use some design elements with more gradients and more details. However, the complex packaging image is difficult for consumers to remember, and there is a clear difference with foreign minimalist design styles. This is caused by cultural differences.

At present, the domestic prepress design and flexographic printing process are out of touch, customers often get a design draft, specify which kind of printing method to use, everyone knows, design and printing process and cost out of line, the design effect is difficult to reproduce . Prepress design is the right approach to the characteristics of flexographic printing.

Lin Fengming said that the domestic soft and flexographic printing can currently reach 175 lines/inch, but we do not advocate a high number of lines. During a visit to drupa last year, he visited a German platemaking company. Their products are generally controlled at 120-150 lines per inch. This line number has been able to meet the requirements of packaging, and is easy to control in the printing process, without a lot of failures. Therefore, we must avoid weaknesses. We believe that the use of foreign packaging visual package; strong hitting the color blocks and text, to facilitate consumers to identify the brand image, which is worthy of China's packaging for reference. This work won the 2005 United States FTA flexo printing quality design category gold medal.

There are many elements in the line, field, and text, so 133 lines/inch can meet the packaging requirements. At present, domestic packaging is getting more and more beautiful and has entered a misunderstanding. In 2004, the national award for the quality of printed flexographic prints was 175 lines per inch. This indicates that the flexographic printing can also print the details of the levels.

Yin Jinhua, the director of the Institute of Publishing and Printing at the Shanghai Polytechnic University and the national professional standards developer of flexo printers, believes that the number of mature screens for flexographic printing is 133 lines per inch, and that of satellite flexographic plates is 175 lines per inch.

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