New capping machine

The new capping machine is mainly composed of a frame, a turntable, a cup, a can, a cap, a seal, a plastic belt, a unloading cup and the like. The structural feature is that an intermittent box is arranged on the frame, one end of the intermittent box and the main shaft is fixedly connected with the disk seat, the disk seat is connected with the turntable worktable, and the top wheel of the balance turntable that can withstand the pressure of the sealing mold is arranged below the turntable. The intermittent indexing of the rotary table cooperates with the mold. When the capping mechanism is intermittently operated and intermittently engaged, the two paper caps are sucked and released, and the mutual sealing effect of the paper and plastic materials can be achieved. The rotary transport mold of the rotary table replaces the insufficiency of the track-type linear movable mold. By replacing different molds, multi-functional production of paper and plastic packaging materials with different specifications can be achieved, and the use efficiency of the mold can be improved.

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